Universities & Research Centres

A global network

Universities & Research Centres
  • To ensure technological innovation, safeguard distinctive knowledge and upgrade technical competencies, Telespazio relies on a global network of Universities and Research Centres. There are numerous collaborations undertaken in research and development, through contracts, partnerships for training programmes and specialised lectures, company internships and sponsorships.


Specifically, Telespazio contributes to the creation of second level Master's, such as:


Master's in Satellites and Orbiting Platforms - University of Rome La Sapienza - site
Master's in Advanced Communications and Satellite Navigation Systems - University of Rome Tor Vergata - site
Master's in Space Science and Technology - University of Rome Tor Vergata - site
Master's in Management, Innovation and Engineering Services (MAINS) - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna post-graduate school - site

Master's in Space Institutions and Policies - Società Italiana per l’Organizzazione Internazionale (Italian Society for International Organizations) - site


The collaborations also cover initiatives within the Group. Prominent members of the universities mentioned above make up the jury that chairs every year Telespazio’s Innovation Award with the task of analysing and evaluating the projects presented by the participants.