People in the world

People in the world

The Telespazio Group is present in 8 countries (Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, Brazil, Argentina) with 2,500 employees, of which about 49,5% in Italy and 50,5% in the world*.


For a group with a strong transnational identity, the key to competitiveness is the development of a culture that leverages, at all latitudes, people, ideas and skills, while safeguarding key knowledge.


To this end, Telespazio has fielded systems and initiatives to get to know and develop its people, critical assets to competitiveness. The first is a system of roles and competencies that allows us to map the activities and expertise of the resources. Then there is a structured process of performance appraisal. Finally, through a system aimed at intercepting and managing talent within the Group, the alignment of the professional development of each with the needs of a constantly changing business.


*updated 30/11/2017