Telespazio at "SATELLITE 2017"

Telespazio takes part in Satellite 2017, the 36th edition of the Conference and Exhibition dedicated to the world of communications and satellite services, which will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC, from March 6 to 9.


Telespazio is present at the show with Thales Alenia Space. The two companies, which form the Space Alliance between Leonardo and Thales, share a booth where they present their main activities in the field of space services and systems.


In Washington, Telespazio will demonstrate the activities in the satellite ​​operations and communications sector, and in the field of geo-information.


In particular, in satellite operations run through a network of owned space centres and teleports, the company manages the launch, in orbit and spacecraft testing services, as well as managing the operational life of satellites. For over 50 years Telespazio has been providing space agencies and international operators with services that cover all phases of space missions.


In the satellite communications sector, Telespazio offers customers a long and consolidated experience, making it today a global service provider. The company manages communications networks that integrate satellite and terrestrial solutions to effectively meet the needs of business and institutional markets, the media and broadcast sectors, and global telecommunications operators.


In the field of geo-information, Telespazio is a leading global provider of services and application solutions. At Satellite, the company presents the land and environmental monitoring services, the rapid mapping in support of relief efforts in the event of natural disasters, the products dedicated to defence and intelligence, and maritime surveillance services.


Satellite 2017 provides a very rich timetable of conferences and events. Telespazio will be present at many of these events.


In particular:


March 6 at 8:30 am Marco Brancati, Head of Technological Innovation and Governance, will speak at the CTO Tech Leader Session;


March 7 at 11:35 Marzio Laurenti, CEO of Telespazio Brasil, will present the company's activities at the conference Ground Segment Business Focus: Diversify Your Markets or Drill Deep into Your Niche?;


March 8 at 9:45 Alessandro Caranci, Head of the Business Line "Satellite Communications", together with Massimo Bertolotti, Head of "Innovation and Engineering" of Sky Italia, will discuss Combining Corporate Social Responsibility with High Reliability - A Case Study as part of the Innovation Forum Keynote Series.


Furthermore, at 13:30 on March 7, Telespazio organizes the workshop Teleport Services Challenges versus Technology Trends and Market Evolution (Salon D, Convention Centre), where it will present the products of the business lines Satellite Communication and Satellite Systems and Operation. It will be an opportunity to provide information about how in the near future the "ground segment" will evolve to support the range of new systems based on single GEO satellites and on LEO and MEO constellations, as well as on drones, possibly in cooperation with each other. All of this will enable us to provide the end user with innovative services at competitive prices. The speakers will be Luigi Pasquali, CEO of Telespazio, Sergio Ponzi, Head of "Business Development and Sales - Satellite Operators and Manufacturers", and Marco Brancati, Head of "Technological Innovation and Governance".



March 6th 8.30 am - Monday Opening General Session: CTOs and Tech Leaders on Adapting Ground Technology for the Future Space Segment


March 7th 11.35 am - Ground Segment Business Focus: Diversify Your Markets or Drill Deep into Your Niche?


March 8th 9.45 am - Combining Corporate Social Responsibility with High Reliability - A Case Study




March 7th 1.30 pm - Teleport services challenges versus technology trends and market evolution




















































Washington DC 06/03/2017