Love Planet Earth 2019

The meeting between earth and water as a source of life and the origin of human development. These two elements, which have always been a symbol of fertility, preserve the rare biodiversity of our planet and represent the dawn of the many civilizations that have inhabited it. Those photographed by satellites are places of beauty and exchange between populations. Places of opportunity, development and growth. Places of life, but also of vulnerability.


About our Blue Planet Nelson Mandela said: "Access to water is a common goal. It is central in the social, economic and political affairs of the country, continent, and the world. It should be a lead  sector of cooperation for world development.

No water, no future ".



In 2019 e-GEOS with a new calendar relaunches “Love Planet Earth” project, created by Telespazio in 2007 with the aim of sensitizing the public opinion on the environment and the effects of climate change, showing the contribution that satellite technology is able to provide to study these phenomena.