United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Telespazio VEGA United Kingdom Ltd can boast a reputation for excellence acquired over 35 years of activities in support of space agencies around the world. The company has developed a large number of commercial products and solutions, using satellite data for a wide range of commercial and institutional applications. The professionalism and commitment of the staff of Telespazio VEGA United Kingdom in implementing projects and supplying products and services provides a leadership role in the company in the areas of satellite systems, space applications and geoinformation.


Telespazio VEGA United Kingdom adds value to products derived from satellite data through user-friendly platforms. It collaborates with international partners to provide situational awareness integrated services, detection and monitoring of the effects of the actions by man and nature on the planet. By integrating the in situ data in real-time, the company provides an ad hoc service through an interface tailored to the needs of the client, from the banking sector to infrastructure.


Telespazio VEGA United Kingdom took part in the installation of the Customer User Terminal in the UK for the UK Space Agency, in collaboration with the Satellite Applications Catapult Centre (SACC), operational from April 2014 to provide information and services, in real-time.


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