In Spain, Telespazio Ibérica is a leading company in the field of geomatics, aiming at the development of innovative technological solutions with high levels of quality using a highly specialised team. The company pays great attention to research and development, the distinctive trait of the company's culture.


Telespazio Ibérica, known as Aurensis before its acquisition by Telespazio in 2008, offers a wide range of solutions focused on the development and implementation of territorial information systems, based on the convergence of technologies such as GIS, LBS (Location-Based Systems), remote sensing techniques, basic cartography and thematic mapping. The technological solutions, based on different types of platforms, are fully integrated thanks to the long experience acquired in the processing of satellite data and map production.


This flexibility allows it to offer the best advice in the field of services, an area in which the company has always traditionally distinguished itself.


The product portfolio in the field of satellite communications, including broadband systems, fixed and mobile, ranges from the maritime field to emergency & security, from broadcasting to many other value-added services such as telemedicine and e-learning.


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