Telespazio Argentina is a leader in satellite services in Latin America, where it has been operating since 1994. Based in Buenos Aires, the company is active in Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay, with operations in Malargüe (Argentina), Costa Rica and Panama. In Buenos Aires, the company uses an advanced network of commercial, administrative and engineering infrastructure, including a modern cartographic production centre, combined in a single new location in central Buenos Aires, in the Palermo district. Telespazio Argentina also has a teleport of excellence and a complete data centre in the district of Barracas. The activities are carried out by three business units that represent the operational core of the company: Networks and Connectivity, Geoinformation and Satellite Operations.


Networking and Connectivity          

Telespazio Argentina develops and builds networks to integrate modern satellite infrastructures with innovative ground systems. The portfolio includes ad hoc solutions for both the enterprise and the institutional markets, with two-way broadband services in IP protocol, trunking and backhauling for GSM networks, satellite ADSL, fixed and mobile connection services.


Telespazio Argentina operates in the field of Earth observation, focusing on the acquisition and interpretation of satellite data and aerial images, development of applications for land management, monitoring of environmental risks, cartography and cadastral projects, territorial mapping and GIS (Geographic Information System).

Satellite operations

Telespazio Argentina actively collaborates with ESA, for which it has carried out feasibility studies and has provided initial services for the construction of the satellite monitoring station Deep Space Antenna 3 in Malargüe, in the province of Mendoza (Patagonia). Since 2012, the company provides a valuable support for the operations and maintenance of the station.


Thanks to the experience gained over the past twenty years, Telespazio Argentina integrates products and services with high technological content to meet the needs of the market, thereby ensuring its strategic position in the Argentine and Latin American market.


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