Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

The ability to innovate that the company has is a fundamental asset, a valuable and crucial element for its evolution. It is therefore essential to promote, stimulate and protect it in the most appropriate forms, preserving and developing the intangibles and the Intellectual Property (IP).


Telespazio aims to protect, to the maximum extent possible, the intellectual property stemming from its research and development activities, from business processes as a whole, and from sales and marketing activities, through the definition of a veritable policy on intangibles, whose implementation requires the active involvement of every person, organisational unit, and function within the Group.


Telespazio therefore sets itself the following objectives:

  • Promotion of research, development and engineering activities, definition of its directions and sectors, evaluation of the results obtained;
  • Identification of the ways and means for the protection of these results, and the related possibility of industrial, commercial and economic exploitation;
  • Definition and implementation of the strategies for the exploitation of the intellectual property; economic evaluation and capitalization of the IP titles;
  • Identification of a unified strategy for the protection of the patent and trademark portfolio, in Italy and abroad.