Telespazio is one of the first companies in the world to have started operating in the space services sector. Since 1961 it has been active in the segment of space applications and services: telecommunications, orbital management of satellites, Earth Observation, geoinformation services, satellite navigation, system engineering, testing.


It is not possible to develop competitive solutions in the absence of strong innovation monitoring, and technology and space applications today represent an essential element to provide services to the community, to businesses and institutions. With this awareness, Telespazio has always been involved in the search for innovative solutions in different application domains, aiming to be a veritable innovation hub in the countries where it operates, capitalising this important presence in Europe and Latin America.


The company, through its process of research and development and its innovation monitoring, aims to build a strong sharing of the engineering culture of the Group, leveraging the internationally recognised best practices and the continuous comparison with the other suppliers of space applications and services.


The company has put in place a product policy process involving all key sectors, in order to develop skills, increase the portfolio of products and solutions, and increase the presence along the entire services value chain. Incorporating first level messages from the Strategic Plan of the Group through the Strategic Technical Plan, Telespazio's product policy process aims to develop the dimensions of innovation, product and solution development and expertise, directing appropriately the efforts of Research and Development (R&D).