Telespazio Configuration Management Standard

Telespazio Configuration Management Standard


Telespazio applies its own configuration management standard called TCOMS (Telespazio Configuration Management Standard), based on the main regulations applicable in the field of Aerospace and Defence.

The TCOMS is integrated in the Quality Management System and describes, in the context of all the phases of the life cycle of the product/service, standard processes, data structures and rules of representation and coding of the configuration items, according to the internal quality policy, the Customer requirements and those of the related regulations in the field of configuration management and integrated logistics.

Through a dedicated platform, these standards are implemented by all the stakeholders operating in the field of the corporate productive processes (from project management to logistical support) in an automatic, independent and integrated way, using separate "views" of a single shared database.


This configuration management tool is called TT-COMS (Tool TCOMS). It is a web-based solution developed by Telespazio, which allows a simple and automated integration of information, particularly in the in-service phase of the Product Life Cycle (PLC), guaranteeing the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency of the processes. The management of planning, identification and control of changes, accounting status, configuration documentation and data (including software and hardware) is the key element in the production processes and for their full integration, with punctuality and precision. This highly competitive asset management solution, composed of the entire set of processes, TT-COMS and manuals, is also applicable to other contexts of production and is included in the Telespazio product catalogue