Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

The “Quality” issue is considered by Telespazio as a strategic commitment aimed at the company continuous improvement on the whole and at the enhancement of the Customer satisfaction and of its competitive position in the reference markets.

The approach to the competitiveness and the Customer satisfaction must be considered by everybody as a prerequisite and an effort in the frame of the responsibilities and competences conferred.

Quality, in its broadest meaning, is considered as a major issue and comprehensive part of any business activity. Telespazio has set up a specific organization to ensure the targets achievement.

The CEO ensures a continuous review and adjustment of the targets set in the Quality policy. Responsibility, behavior and attitude adopted towards a proper management of the business difficulties and risks, are an integral part of each employee’s duty.

In order to fulfill such achievements, Telespazio is committed to the application and continuous improvement of its Quality Management System, by providing all the human, technical and economic resources needed to reach the targets and strategic guidelines set as follows.

The following concepts represent the fundamental points on which the Quality management and organization is based:

  • focus Telespazio activities on meeting the Customer’s requirements and exceed their expectations in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations; preventively decrease the causes of potential non-compliance and Customer’s dissatisfaction
  • apply  the shareholders guidelines and ensure their implementation through objective evidences
  • ensure a univocal vision of the Company from a managerial and organizational point of view; set the conditions for an active participation of the personnel to the achievement of the targets and the continuous improvement; ensure the involvement, participation and awareness of the personnel to promote the development of a Quality oriented culture
  • continuously enhance the Organization’s capability to create and provide “value” and “innovation” by competent and ethically correct resources, empowered and actively committed at all levels within the Organization
  • set and apply a strategy aimed at the  “risk” identification, assessment and management to ensure the achievement of the Company’s targets and the circulation of a “risk based thinking” within the Organization
  • spread a Quality-oriented approach within the Organization and all the stakeholders by using the media, the “branding” and the internal communication tools to enhance the awareness of the value and benefits of a  Quality-based company’s management
  • ensure the definition, updating and evolution of a coherent and comprehensive Management System concerning every activity, to guarantee the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency as well as the achievement of the targets and a lasting and sustainable success
  • achieve the continuous improvement to keep up with the performances required, promptly react to the internal and external changes and create new opportunities
  • take decisions based on the analysis and evaluation of objective and measured data and information, enhancing the confidence of the results expected
  • properly manage the communication and the relations with the parties involved pursue a frank but firm attitude to them with regard to the Quality expectations
  • achieve the definition and application of company’s processes standards in order to share common and integrated operational methodologies tailored on specific implementation
  • select goods and services suppliers according to the Quality policy, committing them to promote all the necessary developments to the achievement of quality levels consistent with the policy itself
  • ensure a univocal vision of the Quality within the whole Telespazio Group with regard to an effective product improvement, a process efficiency and performance measurement enhancement for the purpose of the continuous improvement.




The Company is constantly engaged in the development, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the own Safety Management System, to ensure that all activities carried out in the context of the ANS-CNS services are supported by resources necessary for obtaining the best performances concerning flight safety and the related regulatory requirements.


Safety Policy


From the Telespazio CEO down, the whole management and all employees of Telespazio are aware, within their professional and organizational field, to be compliant with the following Policy, which sets out the basis on which the Telespazio management and organization for the safety in aeronautical field is built:


  • Meet all the legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to the own SMS
  • Ensure that the compliance with the SMS be a primary responsibility of TPZ management and employees
  • Define responsibilities of all staff and managers who ensure the performance established by the SMS
  • Support the implementation of the SMS, through appropriate resources, resulting from the internal consolidation of a Safety culture encouraging the reporting, communication and active implementation of the SMS at least with the same commitment with which the other Telespazio Management Systems are implemented
  • Ensure that the staff involved in operational activities be properly qualified and available to implement the processes set in the SMS, be properly informed and prepared, competent and that perform tasks commensurate with these skills
  • Ensure that suppliers of equipment and services supporting the processes defined in the SMS have the appropriate requirements
  • Identify and Operate Contingency and Emergency situations through established processes and effective reporting, in order to eliminate or mitigate the risks deriving from it and achieve a continuous improvement of the performances
  • Measure the performances deriving from the application of the SMS through realistic indicators and targets, improving them through periodic reviews and revisions of the targets as well



Any information concerning the Quality and Safety System is available at quality@telespazio.com