Brasilia: Telespazio promotes a convention on satellite radar technology

Brasilia: Telespazio promotes a convention on satellite radar technology

On 20 September in Brasilia, the "Simposio sobre tecnologia radar para Defesa e Inteligência” was held, organised by Telespazio Brasil in collaboration with the CCISE (Comissão de Cordenação e Implantação de Sistemas Espaciais) and the Brazilian Defence Ministry.


During the convention, member of the Leonardo Group, Telespazio and e-GEOS (a Telespazio / ASI joint-venture), along with their affiliate, Thales Alenia Space, presented the most recent progress made in radar monitoring activities using satellites, highlighting the benefits using this technology has to offer for South American Countries.  


The CCISE recently published its Defence Space Plan, which provides for the building of radar satellites. The event, promoted by Telespazio, therefore had the task of promoting the importance of this technology for security and defence-related applications, among the stakeholders in Brazilian Defence.


Among others, those involved in the works included the Brazilian Defence Minister Joaquim Silva e Luna, top ranking offices from the Country’s Armed Forces, the Italian Ambassador to Brazil Antonio Bernardini, representatives of Italian institutions, the Italian Space Agency, and the Leonardo Group.


During the addresses, the Brazilian Defence Minister stressed the importance of his Country equipping itself with satellite radar capacity. Italian Ambassador, Antonio Bernardini said that, “The aerospace sector represents a new path in cooperation between Italy and Brazil,” and expressed his hope that collaboration between the two countries would develop further. General Fortunato di Marzio, the Italian Defence Force Representative, pointed out how Italy is able to count on well-grounded experience in handling data from space, especially in the civil field, such as when dealing with emergencies. Placido de Maio, the Leonardo Group’s representative in South America, highlighted how Brazil, with its 8.5 million square kilometre territory needs to monitor its territory, and how satellite technology provides a response to this need. In his address, Chairman of e-GEOS, Roberto Ibba and delegate of the President of the ASI, stressed the technological and scientific excellence of the Italian space system.



Brasilia 27/09/2018